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BristolPoker Seven Card Stud Poker Basic Rules

Seven card stud is a no-card-swap poker game for between two and ten players, with five betting rounds. Ultimately the aim is to create the best 5 card poker hand from the seven cards that will be ultimately dealt to each player over five stages.

1. All players throw in the predetermined ante.
2. Starting from his left, the dealer deals to each player two cards face down and one face up. The face down cards are known as pocket cards and should remain face down.
3. The first betting round occurs. The player with the lowest card showing starts the betting starting. This is called the ‘bring in’ bet. Once all players have equaled the bet the game continues.
4. One more card is dealt to each player face up; this is called the Fourth Street.
5. The second betting round occurs; from this point on, the highest cards showing begin the betting.
6. A fifth card is dealt to each person face up: the Fifth Street.
7. From this point on the high limit is applied for betting.
8. Fifth Street betting occurs, again starting with the highest showing hand.
9. A sixth card, the Sixth Street, is dealt.
10. Sixth Street betting occurs.
11. The final, Seventh Street, card is dealt face down.
12. The final betting round occurs.
13. The showdown: the hands of those still in are shown. The bet 5 cards hand of the seven available cards wins the pot.

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