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BristolPoker Texas Hold'em Poker Basic Rules

Texas Hold’em is currently one of the most popular forms of poker, especially for tournaments. It can be played by between two and ten players and consists of four betting rounds.

1. The dealer position, represented by a ‘D’ button, moves around the table to the left, after each game. The player sitting to the dealers left supplies the Small Blind; the player to the Small Blind’s left provides the Big Blind. The amounts of the blinds are predetermined and the small blind is half that of the big blind.
2. Two cards are dealt to each player. These are called ‘pocket cards’.
3. The first betting round. Betting starts with the player to the Big Blind’s left who may choose between folding, calling to the value of Big Blind, or raising.

Note there is no option to check in the first round.

4. Three community cards are dealt; this is known as the flop.
5. Second betting round. From now on ‘checking’ is an option.
6. One more community card is dealt; this is known as the Turn.
7. Third betting round.
8. The final community card is dealt; this is known as the River.
9. Final betting round.
10. The best 5 card poker hand using any combination of one’s pocket cards and the community cards is the winner. There isn’t a particular number of each that need to be used.

Note if two hands are the same the pot is split.

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