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BristolPoker Razz Poker Basic Rules

The aim of Razz poker is to get the lowest poker hand in order to sweep the pot. The lowest and therefore best hand in Razz poker is A-2-3-4-5. A stud game, Razz works in much the same way as Seven Card Stud except for a few differences:

1. Aces are low.
2. First round betting is initiated by the player with the highest card showing.
3. All other betting rounds are initiated by the player with the lowest hand showing.
4. In a case that the low hand showing is tied between two players, betting starts with the player left of the dealer.
5. Straights and Flushes have no ranking.
6. The upper limit bet is introduced on the Fifth Street.
7. Face card pairs are never announced.
8. All other pairs are announced when they first occur only.

Order of Play

1. All players pay in the ante.
2. Two cards are dealt to each player face down and one face up.
3. Betting begins with the player with the highest card showing.
4. Another card is dealt face up; the Fourth Street.
5. The second betting round; from now on, lowest hand showing begins the betting.
6. A fifth card is dealt to each player face up: the Fifth Street.
7. Fifth Street betting occurs.
8. A sixth card is dealt to each player, face up.
9. Sixth Street betting occurs.
10. The seventh card is dealt face down.
11. The final betting round occurs.
12. The showdown.

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