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888 Poker Overview and Software
888 Poker is part of the holding: a worldwide known internet gambling company. This means that at 888 Poker lot’s of gamblers can be found, which is advantageous for skillful players. The software has undergone some heavy changes. 888 Poker used to be known for glitches in the software, but since a thorough update this is no longer the case. 888 Poker now offers you great software like any other poker room.

888 Poker Bonus/Loyalty Program
Their saying: ‘Enjoy the best bonus of the Net’ comes very near to the truth as the 100% up to $600/£400/€400 + £5/$8/€6 sign up bonus is not just a regular sign up bonus that can be found anywhere else but an upfront bonus that is immediately credited in your account so you can play with it instantly and leave your own deposit ($400 to take maximum advantage) aside. This means that at 888 poker you’ll play with far less risk involved when it comes to money management. This is of course a great opportunity for beginning players who are not sure their skill will lead them to great winnings already. The downside of offering such a great first time deposit bonus is that there are few reload or VIP bonuses to earn at 888 Poker which makes it a clear target for ‘bonus hunters’ instead of loyal players.

888 Poker Games Variety
888 Poker offers customers a wide range of games: No Limit, Limit, Pot Limit Holdem, Razz, Stud, Omaha and of course all sorts of play money tables, heads up action and private

BristolPoker 888 Poker Table Screenshot
BristolPoker 888 Poker Bonus

888 Poker Bonuses:

# upfront deposit bonus 100% up to $600/£400/€400 + £5/$8/€6

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Online Poker Bonus & Review
BristolPoker   BristolPoker 2018 UK Online Poker Bonus Guide. Our aim is will help you find the most trusted UK online poker rooms. We also provide updated UK online poker bonus information.