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At Sky Poker you will find its a great room to play at for online poker as they have many online and offline promotions and events. One of the best factors for playing at Sky is you can watch yourself play live on tv sometimes and end up winning many cash prizes and bonuses.

Sky Poker Points
To get you off to a good start, Sky Poker will automatically award 500 Poker Points to each new customer. Using your Poker Points will add to your fun, as you will be able to use them to buy entry into selected tournaments rather than paying cash!

Sky Poker is loaded with hints / tips and tutorials to help you get improve your online poker game, which can also help you graduate to become an online champ. Register for The Open and join the TV presenters and analysts in the studio to get the chance to compete and win many prizes. There's also chances to win bounty prizes if you can beat any of Sky's three special studio guests who will also be playing in the tournament.

BristolPoker Sky Poker Table Screenshot
BristolPoker Sky Bonus

Sky Poker Bonus:

Deposit bonus of 1000 FREE

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Online Poker Bonus & Review
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